Bish Brown Award

The Bish Brown Award

The Bish Brown award is intended to acknowledge substantial contributions made by an individual in terms of promoting the objectives of the UAE’s natural history groups.  Qualifying contributions include:  the study and conservation of the UAE's environment, wildlife, history and heritage, whether through formal study, encouragement of educational activities, raising public consciousness in the media, playing a leading role in NHG activities or other means, and can, therefore, be given to amateurs as well as professionals.

This Award was created to commemorate one of the Group's founders, J.N.B. 'Bish' Brown, who laid the foundations of much of the scientific recording of the country's wildlife.

The Award itself, a silver mounted falcon, was donated by former Vice Chairman Dr. Terry Adams and his wife and former Group Secretary Caroline Adams, and is held for a year by each recipient  also a cash prize.




2018: Evan Jones

Despite a lack of institutional resources, Evan has maintained a program of monthly speakers for the past two years for the fledgling natural history group in Ras Al Khaimah.

2017: Keith and May Yoke Taylor

Tireless, multi-year efforts in leading outreach efforts for the ENHG. 

2016: Jodie Healy and Joseph Mansour

For many years, Jodie and Joseph organised field trips and other activities for members of the ENHG's Al Ain chapter and other Al Ain residents. Their amateur scientific efforts include starting a regular botanical survey of Al Ain's Jazira Oasis, and publishing articles on natural history for the Al Ain community. 

2015: John Stewart-Smith

John was a founding member of the ENHG who was encouraged by Bish Brown and others to be the first Chair of the ENHG. He gave the ENHG's very first two lectures - a two-part slide-show discussing detailed identification of all of the waders to be found in Abu Dhabi. The scripts of these lectures were published amongst the first few issues of The Bulletin. To this day his extraordinarily detailed bird records are a significant contribution that includes the detailed drawings that he made.  Needless to say, these records are invaluable to those studying trends of populations, and will shed invaluable light on how development has affected bird populations.

During his day job as a pilot, John spent many years photographing the UAE from the air by strapping a camera to the front of his plane. In another very generous gesture, he donated these photos to Sheikh Nahayan when he left the UAE.  He was also allowed to use military equipment to do bird watching, and would fly a 10 seater Islander to the most remote areas of the UAE and simply land, therefore truly recording data that would otherwise never have been possible. In June 2011 AD ENHG awarded John a Lifetime membership. John inspired countless numbers of people to observe, record and report, which has become the motto of the ENHG and cornerstone of its activities.

2015: Sonia Lavrenčič

Sonia has become one of the best known members of the Dubai Natural History Group, and one of its best ambassadors to the community at large. In her capacity as field trip coordinator, she has expanded the program of occasional field trips to regional destinations--a list that now includes Zanzibar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Georgia and her native Slovakia. She is also a member of the Emirates Architectural Heritage Group and the Dubai Astronomy Group, and has encouraged 'cross-pollination' between the DNHG and these two groups. She exemplifies the goal of making the natural history groups a welcoming vehicle for the sophisticated enjoyment of the world around us. 

2013: David Edwards

Acting Chairman and inaugurator of the ENHG Fujairah. 

2012: Rima Jabado

Tireless efforts to gather data about local sharks and to educate UAE society about the importance of their conservation. 

2011: Dr. Brigitte Howarth

Chair, Al Ain chapter, field trip and workshop leader, promoter of environmental education, and curator of the joint Al Ain and Abu Dhabi Insect Collection of the ENHG.

2010: Dr. Christophe Tourenq

Driving force behind the establishment of the UAE's first Mountain Protected Area in Wadi Wurayah in Fujairah. 

2009: Hanne and Jens Eriksen

Promoting SE Arabian Natural History and especially birds through their photography and publications. 

2008: (Major) Ali Al Suwaidi

Founder, Emirates Marine Environment Agency.

2007: Robert W. (Bob) Reimer

ENHG website Tribulus archive, study of dragonflies.

2006: Liz Sowinska and Roy Richards

Enthusiastic field trip leaders for the Abu Dhabi chapter. 

2005: Allestree Fisher

Field trip leader, speaker and enthusiast at the Abu Dhabi chapter.

2004: Dr. Sandy Fisher

Author of Rough Sheller's Guide to the UAE.

2003: Val Chalmers

Long-time contributor to the Dubai Natural History Group, trip leader, speaker.

2002: Brien Holmes

Chairman, Al Ain Chapter

2001: Ibrahim Zakhour

Served almost 20 years as trip leader for the Al Ain chapter.

2000: Dr. Michael Gillett

Responsible for one of the largest collections of insects of the UAE and Northern Oman, leading expert on beetles. 

1999: Gayatri Raghwa

Dedicated work to environmental education in schools and colleges in Abu Dhabi Emirate. 

1998: Gary Feulner


Geology, botany, molluscs, freshwater fish. 

1997: Steve James

Ornithologist and long-time contributor to the Abu Dhabi Natural History Group. 

1996: Carolyn Lehmann

Amateur expert in fossil sea urchins in the UAE and adjacent areas; discovered an important archaeological site at Umm Suqeim.